The Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education is an authorized body, which is in charge of the complete education system for schools in MP that are under its affiliation.

MPBSE has released the blueprint of all subjects/streams for class 12th students. The blueprint of each subject has detailed marks distribution. 

Every subject has been divided into topics.

Each topic has fixed marks allotted in the exam paper. MPBSE Board Exam papers have questions ranging from 1 mark–10 mark. The MP Board Blueprint 2020 for Class 12th has marks of every topic further divided into the type of questions ranging from 1 mark to 10 marks.

You can download this complete MP BOARD BLUEPRINT FOR CLASS 12. 

MP Board Blueprint 2020 Class 12 Commerce subjects, Science subjects, Humanities subjects and others are included in the above-given link. Click on it to download the MP Board 12th Blueprint 2019 in English and Hindi Medium.

Exam Pattern

There are a total of 5 main subjects, each having a weightage of 100 marks.

2 from Group (A): Languages

(i) First Language (Special)— 100 marks

(ii) Second Language (General)— 100 marks

3 from Group (B): Streams

  1. Humanities
  2. Science (with Maths)
  3. Science (with Biology)
  4. Commerce
  5. Agriculture
  6. Home Science
  7. Language group
  8. Fine Art

Students are required to select any three subjects from any one of the streams given above. Out of these three subjects, it is compulsory to select one paper that is completely theory-based (without any practical), and one paper that has both: theory (75 marks) and practical (25 marks)

The Group (C) additional subject is optional. It also carries 100 marks.

Group (D) Internal examination has the Environmental Education and Disaster Management subject which is compulsory for all streams.

It has two parts:

Theory (External Exam) – 50 marks 

Project (Internal Exam) – 50 marks

Why is the MP Board 12th Blueprint important and how it helps in preparation?

It is important that Class 12th students should thoroughly see the MP Board New Blueprint 2020. When we say this, we do have valid reasons stating the importance of the marking scheme/blueprint provided by the board. 

Firstly, because the blueprint shows the scale of importance of every topic in a subject. As we mentioned before, the MP Board Blueprint 2020 for class 12th has a detailed marks distribution of every topic. It also shows what type of question will be asked for a specific topic and what marks will it carry. 

Say, the English (General) Grammar section will be of 10 marks divided into two types: 

  • 5 Objective type questions (each of 1 mark),
  • 5 Do as directed type questions (each of 1 mark).

Secondly, you can prepare a better study plan and time-table and cover the complete syllabus by referencing the MP Board Blueprint 2020 for class 12.

Thirdly, you can improve your MP Board Exam preparation by the following these tips:  

  • See the MP Board New Blueprint 2020 and cover the topics which have more marks weightage. 
  • Practice questions and prepare strategically. If a topic has only one mark questions, then learn accordingly, and if a topic has higher marks for long answer questions, give more attention to it.
  • Cover topics with fewer marks in the last.

When you will practice the last year papers, you will find that the MP Board 2020 for Class 12th is followed in it.

If you are a student put-off studying for exams till the end, then refer to the MP Board Blueprint 2020 for Class 12th and read—’How to study for 12th board exam in one month.’

MP Board 12th Blueprint 2019 English medium and MP Board 12th Blueprint 2019 Hindi medium, both are available. 

If you haven’t downloaded the blueprint from the above link, then scroll above and download it. Then, come back and read about the change in passing marks criteria and answers to common queries.

What is the passing criteria in the MP Board Exam?

As per the revised MP Board Exam Criteria set by Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education, a student requires 27 marks to be declared as passed. Earlier the necessary marks to pass the MP Board Class 12th Exams were 33 marks. The MP Board changed this criterion last year.


Ques 1. Is there any negative marking in the 12th MP Board Exams?

Ans. No. If you write any wrong answer, no marks are deducted for it. So you should attempt all questions in the exam. If even a part/step of your answer is correct you will get marks accordingly.

Ques 2. What is the duration of the Class 12 MP Board Exam?

Ans. Students get three hours of time to write the MP Board class 12th exams along with additional 15 minutes provided for reading the question paper.

Ques 3. When are the results for Class 12th MP Board Exams released?

Ans. The last rescheduled class 12 MP Board exam was conducted on 16 June. The results will be announced around mid-July this year. You can see the latest updates on our page. See the MP Board Class 12th Results page.

Ques 4. What is the syllabus and blueprint for supplementary exams of Higher Senior Secondary MP Board?

Ans. The syllabus and blueprint/marking scheme is not different for the supplementary exams of class 12th. The MP Board keeps the same syllabus and blueprint used in the main final exams.

Ques 5. Are 12th class MP Board Exams easier than CBSE?

Ans. Yes, the MP Board Syllabus is slightly easier than the CBSE Syllabus.

Ques 6. When is the MP Board Admit Card released and how to download it?

Ans. Read our blog on MP Board Admit Card to get all the necessary details.

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