In this academic year 2022-23, the CBSE board has made many changes for the benefit of class 12th students. 

Class 12th students of the CBSE board can get the complete details of the 2022-23 exams on CA Wizard. This CBSE Guide for Class 12 has all the essential details: 

  • New syllabus for 2022-23 exams, 
  • NCERT e-books, 
  • sample papers on the latest syllabus, 
  • marking scheme with the revised syllabus, 
  • and the latest CBSE guidelines for class 12 exams. 

Students can download the free PDF resources from CA Wizard and use them later for best utilization. 

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CBSE Class 12 Subjects and Curriculum

In class 12 of the CBSE board, students have to study at least five subjects (continued from class 11). Most of the subjects have a theory and practical sections. The subjects are generally categorized into three streams: Commerce, Science, and Arts. The complete list of subjects and curriculum is available here on CBSE Website.

Download CBSE Curriculum 2022-23 for class 12

Important subjects:


Commerce: Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics

Science: Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology

Arts: Geography, History, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology

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Download CBSE Syllabus for Class 12

The Class 12 CBSE syllabus for all subjects is designed to nurture intellectual development with conceptual lessons and practical experience. CBSE regularly updates the syllabus with better topics to prepare students for the latest professional skills.

Download the PDF for CBSE Class 12th Syllabus.

Business StudiesDownload
Political ScienceDownload
English CoreDownload
English ElectiveDownload

The revised syllabus for theory and practicals is available for download on CA Wizard. Click the link below.

CBSE Practical class 12th syllabus

NCERT Books for CBSE Class 12 Curriculum

NCERT is a publishing house that publishes course books for the CBSE curriculum. These books are available in both hard copies and e-books. You can download them from the below-given links.

Subject English medium Hindi medium
English (Compulsory)Flamingo VistasKaleidoscope
Hindi (Compulsory) Aroh VitanAntraAntral
Accountancy Accountancy 1  Accountancy 2 LekhashastraI 1  LekhashastraI 2
Business Studies Business Studies 1  Business Studies 2 Vyavsay Adhyayan 1 Vyavsay Adhyayan 2
Economics Introductory Microeconomics   Introductory Macroeconomics Vyashthi Arthshastra   Samashty Arthshastra ek Parichay
Maths Mathematics 1   Mathematics 2 Ganit 1   Ganit 2
PhysicsPhysics Part I
Physics Part 2
Bhautiki I
Bhautiki 2
ChemistryChemistry 1
Chemistry 2
Rasayan Vigyan bhag 1
Rasayan Vigyan bhag 2
Biology BiologyJeev Vigyan
Political Science Contemporary World Politics   Political Science II Samkalin Vishwa Raajneeti   Swatantra Bharat mein Raajneeti
History Themes in Indian History- 1   Themes in Indian History- 2 Themes in Indian History- 3 Bhartiya Itihas Ke Kuch Vishay 1   Bhartiya Itihas Ke Kuch Vishay 2 Bhatiya Itihas Ke Kuch Vishay 3
Geography Fundamentals of Human Geography   Practical Work in Geography Part II Indian People and Economy Manav Bhugol ke Mool Sidhant   Bhugol Me peryojnatmak Prayogatmak Karya Bhart Log aur Arthvyavastha
Home Science Human Ecology and Family Science-I   Human Ecology and Family Science-II Manav Paristhitiki or Pariwar Vigyan_-I   Manav Paristhitiki or Pariwar Vigyan_-II
Sociology Indian Society   Social Change and Development in India Bhartiya Samaj   Bharat mein Samajik Parivartan aur Vikas
Psychology PsychologyManovigyan

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12

After the syllabus change and reduction for 2022-23, CBSE has released new sample papers for class 12th. You can download PDFs of sample papers from the link below. 

CBSE sample papers class 12

The sample papers are updated it only include topics which are in syllabus, so you can solve the CBSE sample papers without wasting time. CBSE has also given the evaluation/marking pattern for the answers of these sample papers (available with sample papers above link). You must check it out to know the latest exam pattern. It will help you prepare better for the exams. You will know what type of questions to expect this year and how you should write your answer to gain maximum marks.

With the sample papers, you should also solve last year’s question papers. Highlight important questions, correct answers, and mistakes if you have made after solving the papers. Make a note of them and go through them during your revisions.

Solve sample question papers of all subjects as exams and at least a few times. It will build your confidence and writing speed. You will know how to handle pressure and what strategy to use while writing answers.

CBSE Marking Scheme for Class 12

As you know, the class 12 CBSE syllabus has been changed, the marking scheme for all subjects has also changed slightly. The papers will be 100 marks only. The revised marking scheme is available for all subjects with the syllabus on the CBSE portal. You can download the new marking scheme from below. 

CBSE class 12 marking scheme

The marking scheme will enable you to determine the topics of great and least importance. You will be able to decide which topics to study first to score high marks in the 12th exams.

CBSE Guidelines for Class 12 (2022-23)

For the year 2022-23 CBSE has made some changes in the syllabus. Last year, CBSE has reduced its syllabus because of covid-19, so that students can relaxed. This year CBSE has again added some of the removed topics in its syllabus. For the academic session 2022-23, students has to follow the new syllabus publish by CBSE on its official website. You can also download class 12 CBSE commerce syllabus from CAWizard. Check CBSE Guide for class 12 Circular.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Is NCERT is enough for class 12?

Ans: Yes, NCERT textbook are Enough Class 12.

Q2. How can I get CBSE Study Material For class 12?

Ans: You can Download CBSE Study from the this page. Full Study material of CBSE Class 12 is available.

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