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How to Prepare for Exams: Competitive Exams, Board Exams, and Government Exams

How to Prepare for Exams "Competitive Exams, Board Exams, and Government Exams"

For today’s generation, how to prepare for exams is a very big problem. The effective preparation is required for students to excel in exams. Students face difficulties in knowing how to handle their time for the preparation for exams.

During exam time students are under pressure to score well in the exams. And also they are in a very stressful situation. Therefore, CA Wizard has come up with very effective solutions which will help to resolve the very big problem of students “how to prepare for exams”. 

It is very essential to complete the curriculum for exams, but the most crucial thing is to manage your time in a structured manner. Studying for 12 hours to 14 hours will not help you to perform well for the examinations. But focusing on studies even if you utilize less time will definitely lead you to score well in the exams. 

It is very essential to focus on how much you have studied rather than how much time you took. This article will provide students an idea of how to prepare for exams based on expert opinion and experience. From this article, students will also get to know how to prepare for competitive exams, how to prepare for board exams, how to prepare for government exams, and many more.

CA Wizard is free online coaching, which guides students in all aspects to perform well in the exams. For tips on how to prepare for exams, students must bookmark this page. And for more updates regarding the curriculum students can follow CA Wizard

Daily Routine Time Table for Students

Given below is a schedule for students to manage their time for studies in an efficient manner. Students must follow the daily routine and it will surely help them to perform well in their examinations. 

5:00 AMMake a habit to wake up early
5:00 AM – 5: 20 AMEnergize and freshen up yourself
5:20 AM – 5:40 AMDo yoga, exercises, meditation, etc
5:40 AM – 6:00 AMRevise the topics of the previous day
6:00 AM – 6:15 AMTake a shower, and be prepared to start new topics
6:30 AM – 7:00 AMConsume a healthy Breakfast
7:00 AM – 10:00 AM Learn the difficult topics in the morning itself
10:00 AM- 11:00 AM Take a break and relax
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Solve practical questions
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM Eat your lunch and take a small nap
2:30 PM – 4:30 PM Do some creative work, things you like to do
4:30 PM – 6: 00 PMGo for tutions or online study classes
6:00 PM – 7: 00 PMDo some physical activity
7:15 PM – 9: 00 PMStudy practical subjects
9:00 PM – 9: 30 PMEat your dinner 
9:30 PM – 10: 30 PMRevise the topics you learned in the morning
10:30 PM – 11: 00 PMMake a note of tomorrow’s work
11:00 PMTime to sleep 

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How to Prepare for Competitive Exams

To know how to prepare for Competitive exams it is necessary for students to develop self-confidence in themselves. They need to analyze their weaknesses and strengths to prepare for the competitive exams. To prepare for the competitive exams is not rocket science. Students just need to understand the curriculum and create a strategic plan accordingly. 

From this article, let us find the route to success and master knowing how to prepare for the competitive exams in an efficient manner. Below are a few of the tips on how to prepare for exams.

  • Tip 1: Understand the Curriculum or Syllabus

It is very important for students to understand the syllabus. It should be the first thing they must do. For any kind of competitive exams, there is a set syllabus and last year’s practice paper which will help students to know the paper pattern and difficulty level of the competitive examinations. 

Students need to go through the syllabus first and then the last year questions papers.

  • Tip 2: Create a Daily Study Plan 

Having a daily study plan is very essential. Students need to fix their routine as per the syllabus and must try to follow without any fail. To perform well in the competitive exams, students need to track their preparation level. 

  • Tip 3: Set Week Targets

Create a weekly target and students must try to achieve them. From this, you can calculate your success rate for the coming exam. 

  • Tip 4: Stay Positive and Confident

If you want to achieve success in your competitive exams, then it is very important to remain positive in your entire journey. Students just need to prepare well and do not think about their results. If you have given your 100 percent in the preparation then you will surely enjoy success in the end. 

  • Tip 5: Refer to One Study Material

Students must always select one standard study material or book for the preparations. Referring to several books might be confusing for students. The most important thing for students is to focus on the quality of what they study rather than getting confused reading several books. 

  • Tip 6: Take Proper Breaks And Sleep Time

According to the researchers, the human brain can focus efficiently for 1.5 hours. So it is suggested for students to take small breaks after studying continuously for 1.5 hours. 

Also, students must take proper sleep for at least 7- 8 hours, so that they feel energetic for the entire day. 

  • Tip 7: Revision

Doing revision is a very essential thing for students. It is not at all possible to remember all the topics by learning only once. So students are advised to do the maximum number of revisions and try to attempt mock tests for self-evaluations. 

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How to Prepare for Board Exams

Students are very stressed about how to prepare for the board exams whether it is class 10th exams or class 12th exams. Therefore we have come up with the tips for how to prepare for the board exams. If students follow the given tips, they can surely achieve the milestones with ease and with no stress.  From this article, students can get to know how to prepare for the board exam in an efficient manner and can enhance their time management skills. Below are 5 tips which will help students to know how to prepare for the board exams.

  • Tip 1: Fix the Study Time

Students need to fix up their study time. Manage the time in the morning to learn the chapters before going to school. After coming from school, make time to study in the afternoon, and then in the evening and an hour in the night. 

  • Tip 2: Avail Benefit from Online Resources

In today’s generation, students can even learn from online classes, video lectures, listen to podcasts, etc. This is a very easy way of learning and clearing concepts for students. For doing self-evaluation, students can even go for the online test of each subject. 

  • Tip 3: Prioritize Important Subjects

Subjects which students face difficulty in understanding the concept, they must make those subjects their priorities. Devoting maximum time to your weak subject would be more beneficial for students. 

  • Tip 4: Take Proper Sleep 

It is always advised for students to take at least 8 hours of sleep. This will help you stay energetic and focused the entire day. 

  • Tip 5: Make a Habit of Doing Exercises

According to the recent survey, students who exercise daily for 30 minutes, can improve their memory power and also can develop concentration towards their study. 

How to Prepare for Government Exams

It is a very common question asked from students on how to prepare for government exams. Given below are the tips to know how to prepare for government exams. 

  1. Read from online study material like Online E-Books, PDFs, Question Papers, Mock Tests, Tests Series, Video Lectures etc.
  2. Try to stay positive and motivated in the entire journey for the preparation of the government exams. 
  3. Students are advised to create their weekly targets and daily targets and try to achieve them.
  4. Make it a habit of doing exercise and yoga daily, it will help students to get rid of stress.

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 What You Should Not Do For Your Exams

There are a few things and habits you should avoid for your exams. They are as follows:

  1. Try to always sleep on time. Sleeping late at night will turn you lethargic for the entire day and you can not focus on your studies. 
  2. Do not stress too much about your results. 
  3. Avoid eating too much sugary and junk food before a few days of exams. 
  4. Avoid using multiple study materials as it creates confusion and you may miss out on any topic.
  5. Do not miss out on the revision of every topic.


CA Wizard is an education portal where students get guidance for how to prepare for exams like competitive exams, board exams, and government exams. Follow the CA Wizard tips to perform well in your examination. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many hours should a student study prepare for board exams?

Ans: To prepare for board examinations students need to study for at least 8-9 hours daily. 

Q2. How to study for one day before the exam?

Ans: One day before the exam, students must keep in mind that they have to do only revisions. Revise all the important topics first. And once the revision is completed go to bed on time. 

Q3. How to avoid stress for the examinations?

Ans: During the exams, students feel stressed. To avoid the stress level, you must make a habit of practicing yoga, exercises, meditation, etc on a daily basis.

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