Complete CA Foundation Syllabus in 30 Days

Complete CA Foundation Syllabus in 30 Days
CA Foundation Sep 2024 New Bactch 26May

Looking for strategies to complete the CA Foundation syllabus in the last month of the examination? Then you have come up to the right page. As we know CA foundation exam May 2023 is on its way. Students must have started their preparation. This page will help students to check out the tips and tricks to complete the C.A Foundation syllabus in just 30 days. Also from this page, you can download the CA Foundation Syllabus 2023 in a pdf format and can get to know about CA foundation subjects, subject-wise preparation strategies, important links for CA foundation exams, and many more. 

From this article, students will get to know how to make a study plan to complete their CA foundation syllabus with revision within 30 days. 

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is responsible for conducting the CA Foundation Examination. Students have to pass their Class 12th examination to appear in the CA Foundation Examination.  Students can appear in the CA Foundation Examination in May and Nov. Before appearing in the CA Foundation examination you should have complete detail about the examination which you will find in the below article.

CA Foundation Sep 2024 New Bactch 26May

The Chartered Accountancy institute has introduced a drastic change in the CA Curriculum. The new CA CPT Course by replacing CPT (Common Proficiency Course) with CA Foundation Course in India. Students registered with the CA syllabus and looking for CPT study material follow the above link.

The main reason behind introducing CA Foundation is to make the entry-level more difficult than earlier. ICAI is taking a new initiative to create more efficient Chartered Accountants by implementing CA Foundation in place of CPT.


Subjects in CA Foundation 

CA foundation consists of four subjects. To clear the CA foundation examination, students have to clear all the four subjects of CA foundation course syllabus. The CA foundation subjects are as follows: 

  • Paper-1: Principles and Practice of Accounting.
  • Paper-2: Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting.
  • Paper-3: Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & Statistics.
  • Paper-4: Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge.

CA Foundation Syllabus 2023 with Marks Distribution

Before starting the preparation for the CA foundation exam in June 2023, students must have knowledge of the CA foundation course syllabus. Knowing the C. A foundation thoroughly will help students to plan their preparation in the last 30 days very well. 

Papers CA Foundation Subjects Marks Distribution
Paper 1 Principles and Practices of Accounting 100 Marks
Paper 2 Business Laws and Business Correspondence and reporting


1. Business Laws

2. Business Correspondence and Reporting

100 Marks


(60 Marks)

(40 Marks)

Paper 3 Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning and Statistics.


1. Business Mathematics

2. Logical Reasoning

3. Statistics

100 Marks


(40 Marks)

(20 Marks)

(40 Marks)

Paper 4 Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge


Section A: Business Economics

Section B: Business and Commercial Knowledge

100 Marks


(60 Marks)

(40 Marks)

Tips to Complete CA Foundation Syllabus 2023 in 30 Days

Very little time is left for the CA foundation June 2023 exams. Keeping that in mind, here are some amazing “CA Foundation sure success tips” to complete the syllabus in 30 days. By following the tips, you can “clear the CA Foundation exams” on the first attempt. Given below are the tips to complete CA foundation syllabus in the last 30 days for the upcoming June 2023 attempt.

  • Have a proper Time Table

The initial step prior to beginning your preparation is to set up a proper study schedule. Students who think that creating a study plan is a waste of time can never achieve success in their CA foundation exam.. Rather than sitting around idly and wondering what to study where to begin, make a legitimate preparation strategy or a study schedule. Get the CA foundation study material 2023 and apportion time to each subject and each section as per the 30 days left in the upcoming June 2023 attempt. This won’t simply coordinate your studies in an appropriate way yet additionally assist you to examine your performance.

  • Join the best CA classes

Joining the best CA classes plays a very significant role in the achievement of students. Without proper CA classes, students can clear their CA foundation exam but can not score All India Rank. Chartered Accountant is a very long journey, and CA foundation is the very first step of it. So it is very essential for students to have a crystal clear concept of each topic. If students join the best CA institute for the CA foundation courses then, you will surely complete your CA foundation syllabus in the last 30 days and can score a good rank. 

  • Focus on Logical Reasoning and Statistics

Most of the students after completing class 12th commerce exams opt for the CA course. Commerce students do not have a maths background. So they find difficulty in solving logical reasoning and statistics. So in the last 30 days in the CA foundation exams, students must focus more on logical reasoning and statistics. 

  • Revision Notes

CA foundation syllabus is a very lengthy course. Students might feel difficulty in covering the entire syllabus in 30 days. So to make it easy, students must prepare their own revision notes which will help them in the last month for the examination. 

  • Short Breaks

Short breaks are required in between studies to study effectively for the entire day. Students must take short breaks of 10-15 minutes every 2-3 hours, as this will keep their minds refreshed and focussed. In the morning, students must go for the theory subjects because in the morning the mind is fresh and students can easily grasp the concepts. Once you are done with your theory subjects, start with your practical subjects. And finally, end your day with the revision. 

  • Solve Mock Test Papers

Solving CA foundation mock test papers has always helped students to clear exams with good results. Once the students have completed their CA Foundation syllabus, they must solve mock test papers. These papers help students to analyse their performance for the upcoming June 2023 examination. 

CA Foundation Subject Wise Preparation Strategy in 30 Days

Here is a subject-wise preparation strategy to complete the entire C.A foundation syllabus for June 2023 is just 30 days. 

  • Paper 1: Principles and Practices of Accounting 

The “Principle and Practices of Accounting”, is the first paper of the CA foundation course syllabus and it consists of 100 marks. This paper has a basic CA foundation accounts syllabus which any commerce background student can solve. In this paper, students can score the highest marks if they practice this subject daily. 

  • Paper 2: Business Laws, and Business Correspondence and Reporting

Paper 2 of the CA foundation syllabus 2023 is divided into two parts: (i) Business Laws and (ii) Business Correspondence and Reporting. 

Business law will be a new subject for the students appearing in the CA foundation directly after the 12th. This subject is a theoretical subject that deals with the basic understanding of the General Laws prevailing in the country. Students must learn this subject every day in the morning. Also, this is a subjective paper, so students must prepare well for this subject. 

Business Correspondence and Reporting is a newly inserted subject by the ICAI as per the revised scheme. This subject is introduced after seeing the demand for good communication skills. If you are an English medium student, then you need not worry about this subject. Students can practice this subject every alternative day. If you give 3 days in a week for at least 1.5 hours would be sufficient for the students. 

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  • Paper 3: Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, Business Statistics

This paper can be tough for most of the students. The CA foundation maths syllabus, logical reasoning, and business statistics is a completely new subject for students who have a non-maths background. Therefore, students are required to devote more of their time to prepare this subject. If students get command in paper 3 of the CA foundation syllabus, then they can score outstanding marks in this subject. To have a command on this subject students must solve CA foundation practice papers, revision papers, etc. 

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  • Paper 4: Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge

The business economics is a paper in which students can also score good marks. This subject is as similar to the economics you have studied in the senior secondary class if you were from a commerce background. This paper is the objective paper where you can practice questions from the ICAI module papers. 

Business and Commercial Knowledge is a theoretical subject and students can prepare this subject very easily if they devote 1 hour daily to this subject. This subject includes the topic of business studies of senior secondary classes. As this is a very theoretical part, you can start this subject at the last, and clarity of the concepts is essential. Learning work is not much required. 

CA Foundation Paper Pattern 2023

It is very essential to know the basic CA foundation paper pattern before going for the exams. The CA foundation paper pattern is as follows:

  • The CA foundation syllabus consists of papers.
  • Paper 1 and paper 2 are subjective.
  • Paper 3 and paper 4 are objective. 
  • Each paper carries 100 marks and in total it carries 400 marks. 
  • There is no negative marking in the subjective papers. But in the objective papers, there is a negative marking. Any wrong answer will deduct one-fourth of the marks. 
  • The CA Foundation exam is conducted offline. 
  • The medium of the exam is either English or Hindi except for Section (b) of paper 2 which will compulsorily be taken in the English language only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the CA foundation Syllabus for June 2023 attempt?

Ans: The CA foundation Syllabus for June 2023 syllabus is given above on this page. Students can directly download the CA foundation syllabus pdf from here

Q2. Is it possible to complete the entire CA foundation Syllabus in one month?

Ans: Yes, the subjects of the CA foundation are basically from the senior secondary class. You just need to pay attention to logical reasoning and statistics more as they are completely new subjects for students after 12th. Students can read the above article to get an idea of how to complete the CA foundation syllabus 2023 in 30 days or in one month. 

Q3. How many attempts can students go for if they have not cleared the CA foundation exam in the first attempt?

Ans: Students can appear six times if they have not cleared the CA foundation exam in the first attempt. 

Q4. In 30 days of preparation can I clear the CA foundation exam on the first attempt?

Ans: If students will follow the above tips and tricks to prepare for the CA foundation exam in 30 days, then you would definitely clear the CA foundation exam in one attempt.

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